Sass News Project Updates

Welcome to the revamped Sass News

Hello everyone!

Sass News is back! I left my job Salesforce to become a consultant, advocate, and community builder. In other words, I’m independent now. And that means I have more time now to take this newsletter to the next level!

New branding

I redid the logo marks to look more closely aligned to the Sass branding. As the maintainer of both brands, this just keeps things simple for me. :)

New domain

Unfortunately, we were unable to get the domain transferred over to me in time, and it had expired. So I bought However, I did place a ridiculous bid on the old domain and won. So when I get that back, it will redirect to the new one.

New mail service

I love Mailchimp but I needed something much simpler for sending out news. Taking inspiration from the Design Systems newsletter, I decided to switch to Curated. I’m already liking what I see so far.

New submissions approach

I no longer will be accepting community submissions. I realize that’s kind of a bummer for some folks, but the newsletter was losing it’s “Curated” aspect. It certainly helped me in finding new links but I felt social pressure to accept every pull request or link that was sent, regardless if it was any good or not.

Going forward, articles will be curated by me, personally. However, I will now be accepting sponsored links in the newsletter, which Curated makes pretty easy to do. Alternatively, you can also support my Patreon and get a recurring spot. These will be clearly marked, and they still have to be approved by me, so no spammy stuff. :)

Thanks for sticking around and for reading. Issues after this one will resume with news links and content.

Happy Styling!


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